#HolidayBookishWish: Making Someone’s Holiday Special Brought by Julianne Daly

This time of the year can be a bit crazy for everyone—preparing family dinner plan recipes and doing last minute holiday rush shopping. While we’re on it, I’m positive that everyone has their own wish list to fulfill.

For every reader you know out there, I’m pretty sure that it only takes a list of their book wishes to know the perfect book to give as a present this season of giving.

As you all know, #bookishwish became a trend last July on Twitter within the book community which was founded by Julianne Daly (@DailyJulianne). But it didn’t stop there because this holiday season, she did magic and had gone the extra mile. Once again, her generosity and kindness is truly unparalleled because she organized #holidaybookishwish to make someone’s holiday extra special!

So, it’s high time to feature the wonderful Julie here at Tale Out Loud to answer some questions. So hope you’ll stick around until the end because she has a message for everybody!

Hi Julie! Welcome here at Tale Out Loud. It’s a pleasure to have you with us today!

Thanks for having me!

Now, can you kindly tell us what exactly is #bookishwish and what sparked your interest to start this thread?

#bookishwish started when I actually had one of my own bookish wishes granted. I tweeted about wanting a book and someone offered to send me a copy. I’ve been in this community for a long time and I’m considered someone with influence, so I’m very fortunate to get a lot of the books I want to read. But so many people don’t get that opportunity. I know the resources are there – a lot of bloggers and publishing people are very generous and want to help their fellow readers, if they know there’s a need. So, I tossed the question out on twitter and was overwhelmed with responses and thrilled when people began jumping in and offering to fulfill wishes. To save my mentions, I wanted to transfer it to a hashtag and someone suggested #bookishwish.

Last month, you announced #holidaybookishwish on Twitter, how does this one different from the regular bookish wish tag?

As much as I love #bookishwish, it has its faults. Some people have an easier time getting wishes granted and will even have multiple wishes granted. They have a larger audience, so they have a better chance at getting a wish fulfilled. And people in the US always have an easier time of it. With #holidaybookishwish, I wanted something that would eliminate the idea that you need to have a following to get a gift and I wanted to make sure the generosity was spread as widely as possible. With #holidaybookishwish, I could make sure a lot of people were getting at least one book, instead of a few people getting multiple books.

#bookishwish has connected all readers around the globe in all sort of amazing ways. Was this something you thought or recognized to happen when you started it?

I had no idea! I was floored when I started seeing offshoots of the tag for specific countries. I had hoped that some of the publishing connections I had would get involved, but I never could’ve imagined how far it’s spread.

holidaybookishwish (1)

I hope we can keep the generosity going and remember what unites us all is our love of books.

holidaybookishwishI truly appreciate all the effort you did and I’m speaking on behalf of all the readers and bloggers within the book community. Do you hope to see this thread to continue, and hopefully become a movement, for the next years to come?

Aw, thank you! I certainly hope #bookishwish continues as long as possible. People’s wishes don’t just end with the holiday season. As for #holidaybookishwish, I’ve definitely had requests to do it again in the future and I’m strongly considering it. Right now, it’s a one woman operation, so I’ll have to see what my life looks like at the next holiday season and see if I can find some trusted volunteers to help me out.

Can you share some of your most unforgettable experiences since #bookishwish was born?

I don’t know if there’s one specific moment that’s stood out to me, so much as the generosity I’ve seen. I’ve had authors come to me privately and ask me to pick out people to send ARCs to anonymously. I’ve had people offer to send books to countries that Book Depository doesn’t ship to, meaning it gets pretty pricey. And even in #holidaybookishwish, where I wanted to make sure the generosity was spread as widely as possible, I’ve still had people ask if it was okay to send extra little things and send big gift boxes and it’s been so, so touching to see.

In the spirit of #holidaybookishwish, what message do you have for everybody this holiday season and this coming new year?

I hope we can keep the generosity going and remember what unites us all is our love of books. Together, we can keep making this community a better, safer, more inclusive place.

Thank you so much for being with us Julie! Happy Holidays!

Thanks for having me! Happy holidays!

About Julianne Daly:

Julianne Daly (Julie) joined the book community in 2009 as a blogger at Bloggers[Heart]Books. From there, she went to college, started writing for YA Interrobang, interning in publishing, and working for authors.

In May 2016, she graduated college and left Bloggers[Heart]Books, but she hasn’t left books behind. She created and helps run Blogbound Con, writes for Pique Beyond, runs quietYA and all its social media, creates a lot of spreadsheets, and continues working for authors.

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4 thoughts on “#HolidayBookishWish: Making Someone’s Holiday Special Brought by Julianne Daly

  1. Kaleena @ Reader Voracious says:

    Wonderful post and interview, Karlita! I actually haven’t seen that #holidaybookishwish was a thing, so I am glad to have seen this interview! The normal tag definitely has its faults and I don’t tend to gift through it; I’ve found myself gifting friends on my TL when they mention a book they want instead.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Karlita says:

      Thank you so much Kaleena. I actually saw you shared this post on Twitter. I really appreciate.🤗 Yesss..I agree. I joined the normal tag last August and received one book from a generous book blogger but after that, I don’t feel like asking another book from my wishlist to be granted because I know there’s a lot of readers who didn’t get a chance for their wishes to be granted. Then I’m surprised how others got two, three and sometimes even five books. So this #holidaybookishwish Julie made is wonderful where she matches one donor and one reader.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Kaleena @ Reader Voracious says:

      Yea I saw on the tag people just getting tons of books while others were being ignored, so while I definitely appreciate the sentiment it wasn’t how I wanted to spread cheer. I think Julie’s tweaks this holiday season are great though, I wish I had seen it sooner!


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