Book Blitz + Excerpt & Giveaway | Cupcakes and Crooked Spoons by Charity B.

Ever since Toben told me to make my first birthday wish, I always wish for the same thing: for us to run away to a beautiful place where they won’t ever find us or hurt us again. He’s the only person in the world who loves me. I love him too. He’s says we’re the same, that we’re halfpeople. He tries to protect me from the monster. The monster does’t love us, but Toben says we don’t need him to.


Book Blitz + Excerpt & Giveaway | Hatchet Hollow by Amanda McKinney

After an afternoon of mind-numbingly boring surveillance in the woods, Private Investigator Raven Cane goes for a twilight jog to clear her head, only to discover a gruesome murder in the town’s most notorious cave, Hatchet Hollow. Minutes later, the impossibly handsome Lieutenant Zander Stone arrives at the scene to take over, but Raven has a hard time letting the case go. Why did the killer cut off the victim’s fingers? More importantly, who would do such a thing?

Book Blitz + Giveaway | Lyrical Lights by Maria La Serra

One city, one dream. A chance encounter, a world of glamour, fame, and beauty. Behind the lights, will she believe the lies or the truth? When love is on autofocus. A night at a bar. A stolen purse. I would expect no one to come to my rescue, but there he was, he’d come with a gorgeous smile and without a doubt, I knew I was in for some trouble. He went right; I went left. Lies and secrets kept us apart. The lights are blinding, who knows what will become of us…

Book Blitz + Excerpt & Giveaway | Sneaking Out by Chuck Vance

Could you sleep next to a murderer? What if your best friend and roommate killed a teacher at your prep school? Or what if he didn’t do it but he’s being framed, and you’re the only person who can save him? For fans of A Study in Charlotte and A Separate Peace, Sneaking Out immerses readers in the privileged prep school world, with a mystery that exposes the dark side of life on a residential high school campus.