Reviews are arranged by author’s surname in alphabetical order:


Ahmadi, Arvin
•   Down and Across
Anstey, Cindy
•   Suitors and Sabotage
Armitage, Kate
•   The Wrong Side of Twenty-Five


Baguchinsky, Jill
•   Mammoth
Baysinger, Sarah
•   The Vanishing Spark of Dusk
Bowman, Akemi Dawan
•   Starfish
•   Summer Bird Blue
Brandon, Alyssa
•   Bound To You
Brown, Aimee
•   Little Gray Dress


Collins, Megan
•   The Winter Sister
Cozzo, Karole
•   The Game Can’t Love You Back
Cribbs, Gia
•   The Disappearance of Sloane Sullivan
Cruz, Marie Miranda
•   Everlasting Nora


Daily, Lisa
•   Single-Minded
Daud, Somaiya
•   Mirage #1: Mirage
De Becerra, Katya
•   What the Woods Keep
Deriso, Christine Hurley
•   All the Wrong Chords
Dove, Julieann
•   Rewrite the Stars


Elliott, Jessi
•   Twisted #1: Twisted Fate
•   Twisted #2: Twisted Gift
•   Twisted #2.5: Twisted Desire
Evangelista, Kate
•   The Boyfriend Bracket


Folbigg, Zoë
•   The Distance


Goo, Maurene
•   The Way You Make Me Feel
Guillory, Jasmine
•   The Proposal


Hahn, Erin
•   You’d be Mine
Hart, Emma
•   Best Served Cold
Hoang, Helen
•   The Kiss Quotient #1: The Kiss Quotient
•   The Kiss Quotient #2: The Bride Test
Hopman, Philip
•   For Audrey With Love: Audrey Hepburn and Givenchy


James, Bella
•   The Girl Who Cried Wolf
James, Monica
•   Sins of Yesterday #1: Absinthe of the Heart
•   Sins of Yesterday #1: Defiance of the Heart
Jordan, Cat
•   Eight Days on Planet Earth
Josephson, Kalyn
•   The Storm Crow #1: The Storm Crow


Keating, Kelsey
•   Stolen Royals #2: A Stolen Crown
Kerrigan, Kate
•   That Girl
Kerr, Emily
•   Who Does He Think He Is?


Lanuza, Dawn
•   The Last Time I’ll Write About You
La Serra, Maria
•   The Proverbial Mr. Universe
Lauren Christina
•   The Unhoneymooners
Leav, Lang
•   Love Looks Pretty on You
Lee, K.T.
•   The Calculated #0.5: Calculated Extortion
•   The Calculated #1: Calculated Deception
Lix, Caryn
•   Sanctuary #1: Sanctuary


Mahmoud, Emithal
•   Sisters’ Entrance
Martin, Maggie Ann
•   To Be Honest
May, Isabella
•   The Cocktail Bar
•   Costa del Churros
•   Oh! What A Pavlova
McKinney, L.L.
•   A Blade So Black
Mele, Dana
•   People Like Us
Michael, A.L.
•   The Martini Club #1: Cocktails and Dreams
•   The Martini Club #2: Prosecco and Promises
Milan, Maura
•   Ignite the Stars #1: Ignite the Stars
•   Ignite the Stars #2: Eclipse the Skies


Norstrom, Joy
•   Out of Play


Pennington, Jessica
•   Love Songs & Other Lies
Petroff, Shani
•   Airports, Exes, and Other Things I’m Over
Platt, Jo
•   You Are Loved
•   Finding Felix
Premoli, Anna
•   Stuck With You
•   You Drive Me Crazy


Rekulak, Jason
•   The Impossible Fortress
Rider, Catherine
•   Kiss Me in New York
Robinson, K.Y.
•   The Chaos of Longing
Rothman, Andrea
•   The DNA of You and Me
Rufener, Brenda
•   Since We Last Spoke


Scheuerer, Helen
•  The Oremere Chronicles #1: Heart of Mist
•  The Oremere Chronicles #2: Reign of Mist
•  The Oremere Chronicles #3: War of Mist
Simmonds, N.J.
•   The Path Keeper
Skinner, Vicky
•   How to Breathe Underwater
Smith, Michelle S.
•   Wild Flowers
Solomon, Rachel Lynn
•   You’ll Miss Me When I’m Gone
•   Our Year of Maybe
Stein, Silke
•   Sleep, Merel, Sleep
Swensen, Cole
•   There Are Girls like Lions


Thornber, Awen
•   Foxtrot in Freshby
Thorne, Sally
•   The Hating Game
Todd, Anna
•   Landon Gibson #1: Nothing More
•   Landon Gibson #2: Nothing Less
Tripp, Melissa M.
•   Root
Trogner, Rebecca
•   Secrets in Our Scar


Van Ooyen, Iris
•   Poisoned Arrow
Villanueva, Gail D.
•   My Fate According to the Butterfly


Watt, Erin
•   One Small Thing
West, Kasie
•   Listen to Your Heart
Winfrey, Kerry
•   Waiting for Tom Hanks #1: Waiting for Tom Hanks