Blog Design Requests

Welcome here at TOL (Tale Out Loud) Design Shop!

If you need help to give your blog some TLC that it deserves, you are in the right place! I can make blog elements that suit your blog’s personality with my fair knowledge on graphic design for an affordable price that only starts at $5 each (depending on the requested design and element’s difficulty).

Available elements are as follows:
📘    Banner/Header
📘    Blog Button
📘    Custom media icons (6)
📘    Rating System
📘    Divider
📘    Signature
📘    Logo
📘    GIF
📘    Simple Layout coding (for each element only)

What you need is not listed above? Let’s chat! Send me a message to get a quote or ask me for a possible design project here.dividerShall we get down into business? Just fill out the form with all the necessary information and you’re ready to take the final stage: waiting for your request’s completion.