Author Spotlight | Behind The Pages With Brenda Rufener

Hi everyone! Today’s special guest for the author spotlight, a segment I'm calling Behind The Pages, is Brenda Rufener! I have the pleasure of virtually meeting her on Twitter recently and she's so kind to answer a few questions about her young adult debut novel, Where I Live, a story that will give hope on the topic of poverty and homelessness. Her book will be release next week by HarperTeen.


Book Review | Stuck with You by Anna Premoli

From the author of Love To Hate You, You Drive Me Crazy and Until Love Do As Part, comes a smart, romantic comedy about how finding The One doesn't always have to be love at first sight. I think this book is more YA-ish compare to her previous writings. I really enjoyed the story and I would recommend this to everyone who wanted a change on reading atmosphere, from a heavy mystery or thriller to a light-hearted and fun read.

Blog Tour + Book Review | The Cocktail Bar by Isabella May

From cakes to cocktails, Isabella May made the perfect mojo mojito here on her new book. Set in a small town of dreamy Glastonbury where music, tales and myth collide, The Cocktail Bar is an intoxicating deadly mix of romance and drama. After reading the author’s debut, Oh! What A Pavlova, I knew for an instant that this story is an uproar magnet of wit and fun-loving characters that will give you a joyride twists of fizz and magic.