Blog Tour + Extract | Confessions of a First-Time Mum by Poppy Dolan

Stevie’s life has changed beyond recognition since having her first baby. Stevie loves being a mum, but between the isolation and being vomited on five times a day, she really wishes she had someone to talk to. A perfect laugh-out-loud read for fans of The Unmumsy Mum, Gill Sims and Emma Robinson.


Blog Tour + Book Review & Giveaway | The Boyfriend Bracket by Kate Evangelista

The only way to get over a hopeless crush is to find someone new…Enter: The Boyfriend Bracket! Putting a new spin on a classic trope, Kate Evangelista explores family bonds, changing relationships, and senior year as our heroine tries to get over her brother’s best friend.

Blog Tour + Book Review & Scavenger Hunt Giveaway | The Disappearance of Sloane Sullivan by Gia Cribbs

Perfect for the fans of the TV series, The Blacklist and In Plain Sight, The Disappearance of Sloane Sullivan is a devious, sensational and a ready movie material debut with skillfully pulled off, tricky and well-crafted plot, ending the story in a chain of coherent twists, shock and wonder. If you love suspense, thriller and a bit of romance, this one is a book to remember!